Deformable Control Creator

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Tool Demo- Deformable controls

Deformable Control Creator

This script streamlines the process of creating deformable controls that were demonstrated by Pixar in one of their demos. Here's a demo of how the tool works:


Copy the "rr_deformableControls" folder to your scripts directory. You can check your scripts directory by typing "internalVar -usd;" in the command line.

Execute in ScriptEditor (in a Python tab):

from rr_deformableControls import core c = core.deformingControls() c.ui()

You can highlight those lines and middle click and drag it to your shelf to create a shelf button.

Once that's done, all you need to do input your mesh (the deforming mesh) in the "mesh" field using the "<d like to keep the current control curves, turn it off to replace all the shapes in the control.